Rick Simpson Hemp Oil(For cancer and pain)


Rick Simpson Hemp Oil online store, with THC range of 50% to 60% & With a CBD range of 10% to 15%. Full spectrum hemp oil. Discount rates and efficient deliveries.


Rick Simpson Hemp Oil

The Rick Simpson hemp oil or Cannabis extract is widely know and it has become a famous name in the world of cannabis oil. Though many do know this hemp extract with it famous name. This hemp oil still an illegal hemp in many regions or countries. Thats why with our discrete packaging and private distribution network. We are able to get this hemp extract in to the doors steps of those who are in need. This Rick Simpson hemp extract originated from the man himself as he was able to eradicate his skin cancer by the application of this Hemp oil on the skin.

How the Rick Simpson hemp oil is different from CBD oil.

   The differences between the Rick Simpson hemp oil and CBD oil very much seen in many ways. Although both of them are a derivative of same plant with identical health benefits. There still exist a whole lot of difference between the two;

The hemp Plant and the Cannabis:

These oils are mad both from the Cannabis plant, But there now exist lost of differences and categories in the Cannabis plant. These differences come as  to the fact that, Cannabis is scientifically categorize in to strains. As well as the way they are being grown taking in to consideration the geographically un-uniformness  as well as the climatic fluctuations from one region to another.

  Therefore,  its important to note that, the Rick Simpson hemp oil is an extract of the sativa and indica cannabis strains. There strains which consist of  larger flowers and bigger in quantities . Meanwhile cbd being made of the hemp plant with fewer number of flowers as well as in small quantity. With more smaller quantities As such containing lower amount of cannabinoid.

  THC Content:

The THC defines the dominant content in the cannabis plant also know as the cannabinoid which is available in large quantities in the Cannabis plant. This THC is the  substance in the hemp that gives you the feeling of being high and stoned. As such, since cbd oil  gotten from hemps with little flowers and low amounts. Therefore only have traces of the THC while the Rick Simpson oil consist of high percentage of THC. As its predominantly extracted from hemps with larger quantities of flower of the Sativa and the indica strains. The percentages of THC in this hemp oil  in the range of 50 to 60 percent. While the CBD content is about 10 to 15 percent. There therefore give this all the definition of a full spectrum Cannabis extract.


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