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PURE CBD CRYSTALS ONLINE , With the complete absence of psychotropic as well as the absence of hallucinogenic out comes or effects. Instant meds Joint’s CBD isolate Crystals are the best and purest form of CBD Isolates. The extracted compound found in a defined marijuana strains.

  During the process. Once the marijuana oil has been extracted, it is further processed to bring forth the CBD Isolate. So in order to keep confined our CBD isolate. Marijuana / hemp oil is extracted to go through a process know as winterization or in simple words” slowly heated to take of the fats as well as lipids. A machine know as evaporator is used to take off or remove the rest of the unwanted plants traces. Our final product is decarboxylated  by meticulous warming system process in order to enhance the cannabinoids. This fine substance is the CBD Crystal isolates left for consumption.


Name: Cannabidiol
Synonyms: CBD, (-)-trans-Cannabidiol
C.A.S NO. : 13956-29-1
Molecular formula: C21H30O2
Molecule weight: 314.4617
Specification: HPLC 99%
Characteristic: White or light yellow crystalline powder
Boiling point: 463.9±45.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Molecular structure:

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CBD is a natural botanical concentrate. Decades of research indicate that CBD interact with the body’s system, a complex system that contributes to a variety of biological processes like inflammation responses, relaxation, sleeping, and appetite. It can be used in medicine, health care products, food and daily chemical products, etc. as active ingredients.

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