Powdered CBD Isolate 99.95% Purity



Powdered CBD Isolate 99.95% Purity

Powdered CBD Isolate 99.95% Purity after multiple test, has been certified as the purest of CBD isolates. The purity going up to 99.95% . Working with both the British and American researchers in this field. Their join works offers the best of results for all our products. More so our CBD isolates are free from taste as well as no smell.

A 1g(1000mg) of Pure isolates
Greater than 99.9% powder purity
The absence of THC is guarantee
Free from solvent
Well control and tested by third party.

Multiple test as well as certified ISO labs with the EU, UK and USA.

During the process. Once the marijuana oil has been extracted, it is further processed to bring forth the CBD Isolate. So in order to keep confined our CBD isolate. Marijuana / hemp oil is extracted to go through a process know as winterization or in simple words” slowly heated to take of the fats as well as lipids. A machine know as evaporator is used to take off or remove the rest of the unwanted plants traces. Our final product is decarboxylated  by meticulous warming system process in order to enhance the cannabinoids.


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