Hemp Extract Signature oil


Hemp Extract Signature oil with cold-pressed oil with black cumin seeds. 100% best quality with guarantee. Delivery can be within same day if urgent need.


Hemp Extract Signature oil

Mail order our high quality  and  premium quality hemp Complete  CBD oil extracted from well grown hemps with best terpenes. Also this special blend is made from frankincense & black seed oil. As such for good mood, order your Hemp Extract Signature oil for a better health.

Hemp Signature  Oil  Ingredients:

Containing  250+ mg cannabinoids in each ounce. Full spectrum Cannabis/hemp extract More so, Cannabinoid juice contains 125 raw and 125 heated, cold-pressed oil with black cumin seeds.

Purely Organic seeds hemp oil As well as  Containing pure organic extra virgin olive oil

How to Use This  Hemp Extract Signature oil Extract ;

Required quantity. 1/2ml which is about 15 drops approximately

Daily use: Can usually take one to five  servings directly to the mouth with about two times serving daily by a professional health care practitioner . Also  you can get more details through our customer care.

Note also that, Never to go beyond  5ml which is approximately ten servings a day.

Also our oils last long up to 18months without being refrigerated. storage on normal room temperature.


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