CBD Infused Tea For Mood and focus


CBD Infused Tea For Mood and focus, 20MG per teabag with 100MG per packet of 5 teabags. Get the chance with our discount prices.


CBD Infused Tea

Our CBD Infused tea is a breathe taking relaxer which offers the best of flavor as well as a great taste be it cold or hot. With results or effects of the ginger, ginseng as well as the warmth of eucalyptus are all combined to offer this tea the best of it all. The Tea works in a accessional way with the addition of mint cool exhale.

  CBD Infused Tea Ingredients.

This tea comprises of eucalyptus Essence, roots of ginseng, roots of ginger as well as Mint and apple pieces.

On how to go about this tea, USAGE;

   Unlike our usual tea bags, you need to boil water and let it to sit for an approximate duration of 10minutes. Then you can get Thirty two ounces of this water on each bag. Noting that each bag is 4grams. Give it some time of about 5minutes to steep well. Then giving two servings for your perfect mood all day with each teabag giving two cups of tea..

Each Packet contains 5 teabags which can offer 10cups.

20MG per teabag with 100MG per packet of 5 teabags.


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