Buy 4-METHYL-AET Online 95%



Buy 4-METHYL-AET Online 95%

Buy 4-METHYL-AET Online 95%, 4-Methyl-α-ethyltryptamine (4-Me-AET) define as a putative stimulant as well as psychedelic. And also know as entactogen drug of the tryptamine class. Its a designer drug and has been sold online as one of the numerous class of chemicals for research dating back to the year 2010.

Other name: 4-Methyl-α-ethyltryptamine

IUPAC name: 1-ethyl-2-(4-methyl-1H-indol-3-yl)-ethylamine

CAS number: 28289-30-7

Also Formula: C13H18N2


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